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Chelsea Greene Lewyta is an artist and illustrator based in New York City, NY Education 2005-2009 BFA at The Pratt Institute, New York, NY. Chelsea is available for paid freelance work only. Contact information is listed above. If you are interested in acquiring an original painting, drawing, or print please contact the artist at clewyta@gmail.com. The store is still under construction. Statement While our bodies have emerged from the forest, our souls remain tangled in flora, battling the beasts we created. Biography Chelsea Greene Lewyta was born in America in the year of the rabbit, month of the ox, to a married couple of mixed European descent with a Korean daughter, Hallie. They grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York in a small historic town near the river. Chelsea remembers living inside her head most of her childhood. She enjoyed solving puzzles, drawing, making various contraptions, exploring the forests, observing animals and watching films about dinosaurs, talking animals, foreign lands and fairytales. She took an interest in drawing and painting in high school and attended The Mill Street Loft in addition to her high school electives to prepare her portfolio for graduation. The Pratt Institute granted her early acceptance for Illustration and she received a merit based scholarship. Chelsea moved to Brooklyn in 2005 to attend Pratt. Most of her time went to working on her art, contributing and assisting with the school's comic, Static Fish, and exploring New York City. While at Pratt, she took an interest in print making and working with mixed media. She began working on freelance projects in 2008 and two of her works were chosen for the Society of Illustrators Award. One of her silk screened prints won the Greenwich Workshop Award. In 2008 she also began exhibiting her work internationally. In 2009 she graduated from the Pratt Institute with a Bachelors of Fine Art and moved to Manhattan to a small studio, 'The Rabbit Hole' with her studio companion, Odin. She continued exhibiting on both the East and West coast along with shows overseas while working on a variety of freelance illustration projects. Some of her clients include Tiffany and Co., Victory Records, Art & Anthropology, BioLumina and The New York Observer. In 2010 she was published in Hunt & Gather, Discovering New Art by Tina Ziegler. Chelsea continues to experiment and work in a variety of mediums. She exhibits her work regularly and is always creating something new. She enjoys working with pencils and oil on paper and wood and pencil with ink washes, finished digitally. Hunt & Gather Juxtapoz List of Exhibitions Society of Illustrators Student Show 2008. Greenwich Workshop Award Winner. The National Grid. Sydney, Australia. Summer 2008. Fort Gondo. St. Louis, MO. Fall 2008. London Miles Gallery. London, United Kingdom. April 2009. Twin: Our Favorite Albums Not Yours. New York, NY. April 2009. The Kids are Alright Emerging Artist Tour curated by Beau Basse: T and P Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA. April 2009. Subtext, San Diego, CA. May 2009. Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. July 2009. Show and Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada. August 2009. LeBASSE, Culver City, CA. October 2009. The Pratt Show. New York, NY. May 2009. Summer Print Exhibition at London Miles Gallery. London, United Kingdom. July 2009. A Twisted Soul Show. Poughkeepsie, NY. October 2009. Hunt & Gather at the Thinkspace Gallery. Culver City, CA. April 9. 2010. Chelsea Greene Lewyta: Solo Exhibition at Painter's. Cornwall, NY. June 2010. G2: Group Exhibition. G2 Avenue A. New York, NY. August 2010. No Biting. 320 West 37th Street. New York, NY. July 2010. Convergence. The 69th Fighting Regiments Armory. New York, NY. August 2010. Voices for Umoja's "Raising Voices" Benefit Art Show.Los Angeles, CA. September 2010. Chelsea Greene Lewyta: Solo Exhibition at Beast. Brooklyn, NY. October 2010. Fangoria. G2 Avenue A. New York, NY. October 2010. Ready or Not. The Marketplace Gallery. Albany, NY. November 2010. The Contrast Art Show. 320 West 37th Street. New York, NY. November 2010. The New American Art Show. Ceres Gallery. New York, NY. December 2010. Last Chance. The Marketplace Gallery. Albany, NY. December 2010. The Rabbit Room. A solo exhibition and installation. Brewer's Mansion. Brooklyn, NY. January & February 2011. Bleak March. The Acheron. Brooklyn, NY. March 2011. The Contrast Art Show. 320 Studios. New York, NY. March 2011. Featured artist at Lovebird Studio. Rosendale, New York. April 2011. unKnown Art Show. Good Units at the Hudson Hotel. New York, NY. April 2011. Sakura Exhibition 2011. Tokyo, Japan. April 2011. Sakura Exhibition 2011. Roppongi, Japan. April & May 2011. Sakura Exhibition 2011. New York, NY. June 2011. The Contrast Art Show. 320 Studios. New York, NY. June 2011. PornSaint Exhibition. Erotic Museum. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Summer 2011. Launch 2011. Sacramento, CA. July 2011. Ghost Dreaming in NYC. Niagara. New York, NY. August 2011. August Art Walk. Artisan Building. Sacramento, CA. August 2011. The Contrast Art Show. 320 Studios. New York, NY. August 2011.

Pauline Branley.

There was no requirement for temporary placement of a catheter to avoid a delay in the designated start period, and decisions about short-term placement were predicated on clinical judgment. The following dialysis clearance targets were recommended relative to evidence on adequate dialysis clearance from trials at that time the process was created19,20: a total weekly Kt/V value higher than 2.0 in the case of patients receiving peritoneal dialysis and greater than 3.6 in the case of patients undergoing hemodialysis. Actual dialysis clearance was measured for make use of in secondary analyses. It had been recommended that patients receive dietary assistance, management of anemia and hyperphosphatemia, and treatment for hypertension, as recommended in contemporary guidelines.10,21-24 Study Outcomes The primary outcome was death from any cause. Continue reading Pauline Branley.

3 Potential Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms There are two main types of lung cancer.

If you see yourself becoming brief of breath for no logical reason go see your physician and explain your issues. They will then be able to identify the cause of the breathlessness and determine if it is linked to SCLC. 3) CHEST PAIN: – Upper body pain is an extremely serious sign which is associated with a number of conditions including SCLC. The chest pain might be caused by coughing or yoga breathing. However, you may encounter constant or spontaneous chest pain also. Any type of chest pain should be treated with extreme caution and you should go see your physician right away. Continue reading 3 Potential Small Cell Lung Cancer Symptoms There are two main types of lung cancer.

Since nitric oxide can be a potent pulmonary vasodilator.

Patients walked for 6 minutes or until their pulse oxygen saturation fell below 80 percent for 6 seconds; the distance walked at that point was recorded. Subsequent walk testing were performed with the use of the same amount of oxygen used at screening. Sufferers whose resting pulse oxygen saturation on follow-up testing didn’t reach 88 percent during administration of the baseline quantity of oxygen weren’t retested and were documented as having walked 0 m. At enrollment, sufferers were required to undergo two walk assessments at least 1 hour aside. The distances that were recorded in the two assessments could differ by only 15 percent; at follow-up visits, one test of the 6-minute walk distance was conducted. Statistical Analysis The analysis was powered to show a noticable difference of 20 percent or more on the 6-minute walk distance from enrollment to 12 weeks. Continue reading Since nitric oxide can be a potent pulmonary vasodilator.

3SBio obtains ex-China global rights to Apexigens anti-TNF mAb technology 3SBio Inc.

3SBio obtains ex-China global rights to Apexigen’s anti-TNF mAb technology 3SBio Inc., , a leading China-based biotechnology company centered on researching, developing, marketing and manufacturing biopharmaceutical items, today announced that it has acquired the ex-China global privileges to Apexigen's anti-TNF monoclonal antibody technology. 3SBio acquired the China rights from Apexigen in 2006 previously a link . 3SBio's anti-TNF mAb, designated SSS07, has completed pre-clinical testing and demonstrated higher potency compared to the best-known available TNF inhibitors, including infliximab and adalimumab, potentially improving treatment plans for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and other inflammatory illnesses. Continue reading 3SBio obtains ex-China global rights to Apexigens anti-TNF mAb technology 3SBio Inc.

But to keep carefully the whole process simple.

For example, while a Full English breakfast sounds unhealthy as it’s full of fatty foods, it can actually be made into a healthy meal if you grill the bacon, sausages, tomatoes and mushrooms, cook the fried egg in a minimal calorie spray and also have toast rather than fried breads – make the meal this way and it really can be particularly healthy. 3. Carbohydrates – what must be understood here’s that like the above, carbohydrates won’t need to get up completely if you are looking to lose weight, nevertheless, you must reduce them considerably, which for most is generally done by reducing things such as for example bread, pasta and rice. It’s also recommended that where feasible, you switch to wholemeal types, as white carbs are the ones that have become often considered to possess the most negative effect on your weight. Continue reading But to keep carefully the whole process simple.

Antonio Antela.

Elevations in alanine aminotransferase, aspartate aminotransferase, bilirubin, and alkaline phosphatase levels of grade 2, 3, or 4 that developed while the individuals were receiving treatment happened in similar proportions in both groups . None of the individuals had concurrent increases in alanine aminotransferase and bilirubin levels. Virology Through week 48, a total of 4 percent of the participants in each group met the criteria for protocol-defined virologic failure and had resistance testing performed . The response rates at week 48 were consistent with rates reported in several studies involving participants who had not previously received ART where integrase-inhibitor regimens, efavirenz regimens, or both were utilized,12,13,24 including one study showing that dolutegravir was noninferior to raltegravir regarding virologic success . Continue reading Antonio Antela.

AHIP CEO responses on passage of Senate healthcare reform legislation Karen Ignagni.

AHIP CEO responses on passage of Senate healthcare reform legislation Karen Ignagni, President and CEO of America’s Health Insurance Plans , released the following statement today on passage of Senate healthcare reform legislation: Providing all Americans with health care coverage is vital for the united states. Health programs support legislative changes that could provide guaranteed access to all Americans, with no pre-existing condition limitations and no health-status-based premiums. Continue reading AHIP CEO responses on passage of Senate healthcare reform legislation Karen Ignagni.

Literally a large number of cancer patients are not claiming benefits to which they are entitled.

There’s large variation in take-up across the UK. Scotland gets the lowest claim price overall – 64 per cent do not claim. Someone living with tumor in Northern Ireland can be more than twice as likely to claim as someone living with malignancy in Scotland. Low take-up of disability benefits by people affected by cancer is due to issues like the perceived stigma of declaring benefits from the condition and the complicated and confusing claiming procedure. Peter Cardy, LEADER, Macmillan Cancer Relief, feedback: Our findings are simply the tip of the iceberg. Cancers can have an enormous impact on someone’s income. Continue reading Literally a large number of cancer patients are not claiming benefits to which they are entitled.

000 allergy sufferers.

A majority of doctors said generally, patients usually do not overstate allergy symptoms. In addition, most physicians watch insomnia and osteoarthritis as being less serious or equally as serious as allergies. Physicians report they view diabetes and hypertension as being more serious than allergies. About thirty-four % of allergy sufferers see a doctor for treatment when their symptoms are bothering them.. Allergies dramatically impact victims’ moods and how they experience themselves A new Harris Interactive phone survey conducted among 1,000 allergy sufferers, 1,000 customers and 300 physicians shows that beyond the sneezing, watery and sniffling eyes, allergies likewise have deep and psychological impacts on a sufferer’s disposition and self-perceptions. Continue reading 000 allergy sufferers.

Examples are cycling.

Aerobic Exercise Guidelines The aerobic fitness exercise guidelines for health from the American College of Sports Medicine is to accomplish 20-60 minutes of continuous vigorous activity 3 to 5 times weekly at 60 percent-90 percent of max heart rate. Examples are cycling, walking, running, swimming, dance, rowing, and others. A significant addition to these guidelines is the ‘life style activity’ guideline recommended by the Cosmetic surgeon General in the 1996 government survey ‘EXERCISE and Health arcalion .’ The recommendation in the statement is to accumulate thirty minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity on most, if not absolutely all, days of the entire week. Continue reading Examples are cycling.

After uproar about Obamacare remarks.

AkzoNobel offers been bolstering its procedures in the region in recent years with a series of strategic investments. In 2013, the company acquired a 50 % stake and administration control in Sadolin Paints Oman, a manufacturer of ornamental paints and overall performance coatings. AkzoNobel is energetic in 15 countries in the centre East, where in fact the company employs more than 800 people.. After uproar about Obamacare remarks, AOL reverses 401 policy Information outlets reported that the business blamed the law and the health costs of two distressed babies for a significant change in how it fits 401 contributions. Continue reading After uproar about Obamacare remarks.

There are a lot of unique Today.

In the article we check out a body builder’s instruction towards the very best steroids in the market. If you’re looking for Dianabol on the market it is advisable to always be sure that the strategy you are taking is certainly inline with the product quality standards linked to the steroid world. For just about any body builder the standard of products they purchase really matters and merely to re-emphasis that fact, there is nothing as important to any anabolic steroid when compared to level of quality and authenticity it exhibits. So how do you find a very good quality in a steroid you may ask? The first point you need to do is to make certain that you possess bought a high brand. Continue reading There are a lot of unique Today.

ACS NSQIP hospitals have better surgical outcomes consistently.

For these methods the investigators reported that ACS NSQIP hospitals experienced significantly lower 30-day mortality rates and one-year mortality rates than non-ACS NSQIP hospitals. The researchers also identified a decrease in 30-day readmission and in-hospital mortality rates, although the difference did not reach statistical significance. There were significant improvements in outcomes of complex surgical procedures in California since 1995; however, during this time period period, surgical outcomes and mortality rates at ACS NSQIP hospitals possess improved faster than at non-ACS NSQIP hospitals, which may be attributed to increased energetic participation in ACS NSQIP. Related StoriesCHOP's Buerger Center for Advanced Pediatric Care celebrates grand openingPatients offered animal-assisted therapy at UCLA HealthBoston Children's Medical center selects Vijay G. Continue reading ACS NSQIP hospitals have better surgical outcomes consistently.

Acceleron commences ACE-536 phase 2 study in myelodysplastic syndromes Acceleron Pharma.

ACE-536 has the potential to produce a significant influence on the treatment of anemia in MDS, stated Matthew Sherman, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Acceleron. Unlike erythropoietin, ACE-536 may target the specific defect in the erythropoietic maturation procedure in MDS sufferers and we are optimistic that it could become a significant new therapeutic option for this underserved patient population. .. Acceleron commences ACE-536 phase 2 study in myelodysplastic syndromes Acceleron Pharma, Inc., a biopharmaceutical company developing protein therapeutics for tumor and orphan diseases, announced the initiation of a phase 2 study of it is investigational protein therapeutic today, ACE-536, to take care of anemia in individuals with myelodysplastic syndromes . Continue reading Acceleron commences ACE-536 phase 2 study in myelodysplastic syndromes Acceleron Pharma.

ACHA reports that 2 million adults living with CHD in the U nearly.

He or she may not properly feed, may have poor weight gain, could be pale or blue, and in more severe instances, could suffer cardiac collapse. Related StoriesAngina in females associated with abnormal heart bloodstream flowChildren with congenital heart disease and ADHD can benefit from stimulant medicationsAggressive blood circulation pressure treatment can reduce risks of heart disease and death’At about a week of existence, infants with a few of the most severe types of congenital heart disease may get very sick, very quickly,’ Adams says. Early detection is possible today due to sophisticated ultrasound features that are now commonly used and allow doctors to get the most the cases prenatally. Continue reading ACHA reports that 2 million adults living with CHD in the U nearly.

14th Annual Geriatrics Healthcare Symposium to be kept on Sept fda.

14th Annual Geriatrics Healthcare Symposium to be kept on Sept. 19, 2014 Experts in the use of comprehensive geriatric assessment for hospitalized immunizations and elders in older adults, and the author of the 2012 Beers Criteria – a guide to medication make use of in elders – will end up being featured at the 14th Annual University of Louisville Geriatrics Healthcare Symposium. Friday The conference will be kept, Sept fda . 19, at the Seelbach Hilton Hotel, 500 S. 4th St. In Downtown Louisville. The conference is certainly sponsored by the Division of Geriatrics in the Department of Family members and Geriatric Medication at the University of Louisville and information on the most recent research and guidelines in look after people age group 65 and older.D., Middle for Senior Wellness & Longevity, Aurora Sinai Medical Center, Milwaukee, addressing the acute treatment of elderly hospitalized sufferers.D., Geriatrics Division Chief, Duke University College of Medication, Durham, N.C.D., Feinberg School of Medication, Northwestern University, Chicago, speaking on polypharmacy, the overuse or misuse of medications in older adults Various other sessions will be held on POLST: Physician's Orders for Life, disease screening and prevention, caregiver burnout, injury prevention, exercise, elder abuse, dementia and enhancing independence in the older adult. Continue reading 14th Annual Geriatrics Healthcare Symposium to be kept on Sept fda.