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Chelsea Greene Lewyta is an artist and illustrator based in New York City, NY

2005-2009 BFA at The Pratt Institute, New York, NY.

Chelsea is available for paid freelance work only. Contact information is listed above. If you are interested in acquiring
an original painting, drawing, or print please contact the artist at clewyta@gmail.com. The store is still under construction.

While our bodies have emerged from the forest, our souls remain tangled in flora, battling the beasts we created.

Chelsea Greene Lewyta was born in America in the year of the rabbit, month of the ox, to a married couple of mixed European
descent with a Korean daughter, Hallie. They grew up in the Hudson Valley of New York in a small historic town near the river.
Chelsea remembers living inside her head most of her childhood. She enjoyed solving puzzles, drawing, making various contraptions,
exploring the forests, observing animals and watching films about dinosaurs, talking animals, foreign lands and fairytales.
She took an interest in drawing and painting in high school and attended The Mill Street Loft in addition to her high school
electives to prepare her portfolio for graduation.
The Pratt Institute granted her early acceptance for Illustration and she received a merit based scholarship. Chelsea moved to
Brooklyn in 2005 to attend Pratt. Most of her time went to working on her art, contributing and assisting with the school’s comic,
Static Fish, and exploring New York City. While at Pratt, she took an interest in print making and working with mixed media.
She began working on freelance projects in 2008 and two of her works were chosen for the Society of Illustrators Award. One of
her silk screened prints won the Greenwich Workshop Award. In 2008 she also began exhibiting her work internationally.
In 2009 she graduated from the Pratt Institute with a Bachelors of Fine Art and moved to Manhattan to a small studio,
‘The Rabbit Hole’ with her studio companion, Odin. She continued exhibiting on both the East and West coast along with shows
overseas while working on a variety of freelance illustration projects. Some of her clients include Tiffany and Co.,
Victory Records, Art & Anthropology, BioLumina and The New York Observer.
In 2010 she was published in Hunt & Gather, Discovering New Art by Tina Ziegler.
Chelsea continues to experiment and work in a variety of mediums. She exhibits her work regularly and is always creating
something new. She enjoys working with pencils and oil on paper and wood and pencil with ink washes, finished digitally.

Hunt & Gather

List of Exhibitions
Society of Illustrators Student Show 2008. Greenwich Workshop Award Winner.
The National Grid. Sydney, Australia. Summer 2008.
Fort Gondo. St. Louis, MO. Fall 2008.
London Miles Gallery. London, United Kingdom. April 2009.
Twin: Our Favorite Albums Not Yours. New York, NY. April 2009.

The Kids are Alright Emerging Artist Tour curated by Beau Basse:
T and P Fine Art, Philadelphia, PA. April 2009.
Subtext, San Diego, CA. May 2009.
Black Maria Gallery, Los Angeles, CA. July 2009.
Show and Tell Gallery, Toronto, Canada. August 2009.
LeBASSE, Culver City, CA. October 2009.

The Pratt Show. New York, NY. May 2009.
Summer Print Exhibition at London Miles Gallery. London, United Kingdom. July 2009.
A Twisted Soul Show. Poughkeepsie, NY. October 2009.
Hunt & Gather at the Thinkspace Gallery. Culver City, CA. April 9. 2010.
Chelsea Greene Lewyta: Solo Exhibition at Painter’s. Cornwall, NY. June 2010.
G2: Group Exhibition. G2 Avenue A. New York, NY. August 2010.
No Biting. 320 West 37th Street. New York, NY. July 2010.
Convergence. The 69th Fighting Regiments Armory. New York, NY. August 2010.
Voices for Umoja’s “Raising Voices” Benefit Art Show.Los Angeles, CA. September 2010.
Chelsea Greene Lewyta: Solo Exhibition at Beast. Brooklyn, NY. October 2010.
Fangoria. G2 Avenue A. New York, NY. October 2010.
Ready or Not. The Marketplace Gallery. Albany, NY. November 2010.
The Contrast Art Show. 320 West 37th Street. New York, NY. November 2010.
The New American Art Show. Ceres Gallery. New York, NY. December 2010.
Last Chance. The Marketplace Gallery. Albany, NY. December 2010.
The Rabbit Room. A solo exhibition and installation. Brewer’s Mansion. Brooklyn, NY. January & February 2011.
Bleak March. The Acheron. Brooklyn, NY. March 2011.
The Contrast Art Show. 320 Studios. New York, NY. March 2011.
Featured artist at Lovebird Studio. Rosendale, New York. April 2011.
unKnown Art Show. Good Units at the Hudson Hotel. New York, NY. April 2011.

Sakura Exhibition 2011. Tokyo, Japan. April 2011.
Sakura Exhibition 2011. Roppongi, Japan. April & May 2011.
Sakura Exhibition 2011. New York, NY. June 2011.

The Contrast Art Show. 320 Studios. New York, NY. June 2011.
PornSaint Exhibition. Erotic Museum. Amsterdam, Netherlands. Summer 2011.
Launch 2011. Sacramento, CA. July 2011.
Ghost Dreaming in NYC. Niagara. New York, NY. August 2011.
August Art Walk. Artisan Building. Sacramento, CA. August 2011.
The Contrast Art Show. 320 Studios. New York, NY. August 2011.