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Roughly 8,000 2m extend to breast cancer, cervical cancer screening program for low-income womenThe South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control announced on Tuesday the state $ 2,000 awarded, a program chest for no-cost and cervical cancer screenings to expand provides low-income women, the / / Charlotte Observer.

The program provides Pap tests and other screenings for qualified women , aged 18 to 64 and mammograms for qualifying women aged 40 to 64 To qualify, women must be uninsured and have annual income of less than 250 percent of federal poverty level. Under the Breast and Cervical Cancer Prevention and Treatment Act, enacted in 2000, states can request an extension of their Medicaid programs are diagnosed uninsured women under 65 with breast or cervical cancer.– Erectile dysfunction is a common issue for for more than half of men with diabetes. Musicki say that an estimated ’50 and 75 % the diabetic men has erectile dysfunction to a certain degree,[a rate] around threefold higher than in non-diabetic men men ‘This is not the same type of erectile dysfunction in non-diabetic patients views, and it is less effective having conventional medicines as Viagra treatment.. Earlier investigations have shown that with diabetes erectile dysfunction is partial due to interruption in an enzyme which said chain of vascular events, in an erection. In an erection. The Hopkins team presumed O-GlcNAc, a blood glucose into hyperglycemic conditions in that of the termination have factors.

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