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In aMCI, brand-new research has shown that excessive neural activity is associated with greater memory loss and predicts progression to AD. Related StoriesSalsalate drug offers new hope for treating Alzheimer's disease and FTDAmyloid PET method works well for detecting early indicators of Alzheimer's diseaseNew technique helps research protein changes in human brain tissue of Alzheimer's patientsAgeneBio’s research system is based on the task of Michela Gallagher, PhD, the scientific founder of AgeneBio. Gallagher is the Krieger-Eisenhower Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience at John Hopkins University and the Director of the Neurogenetics and Behavior Middle.Although disease may happen through skin-to-skin get in touch with increasingly, HPV remains the most common transmitted infection in the United States sexually. It is therefore common that experts estimate nearly all men and women contract some strain of it throughout their lives. ‘Our research offers initial and wide evidence of a seemingly 'normal' HPV viral biome in people that does not necessarily cause disease and that would likely mimic the highly varied bacterial environment in the body, or microbiome, which is key to maintaining good health,’ says senior research investigator and NYU Langone pathologist Zhiheng Pei, MD, PhD.