Considering stress and diet as factors, they do not have the capability to cause acne but they can potentially aggravate this disease condition. It’s been reported that acne can lower people’s esteem and trigger personal anguish. Despite the fact that this serious pores and skin disorder has plagued so many millions of people across the world, there is absolutely no particular product which can be seen as a magic acne cure. However some products known for acne cure are available on the market now. This news brings a small amount of relief. The products differs depending on severity of the condition and the method of application. A few of the items are astringents, moisturizers, cleansers and pimples cream. All these products are non-prescription products but can handle getting rid of whiteheads and blackheads.We used a stratified log-rank test to investigate survival end period and factors to cystectomy. For survival end points, we used the Cox model to calculate total distinctions and hazard ratios . In order to avoid interpreting disease symptoms as unwanted effects, past due toxicity data had been censored three months before recurrence, occurrence of a second primary tumor, or loss of life from bladder cancer. To regulate for multiple testing, a significance level of 1 percent was utilized for all toxicity end factors; accordingly, 99 percent confidence intervals are provided. The current presence of an interaction between chemotherapy and radiotherapy volume was tested for all survival and toxicity outcomes, but the tests had low power as only 121 patients were randomly assigned to both comparisons.