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In the study, 85 % of nurses reported that their hospital has not supplied any education on Ebola, leaving them puzzled on what questions to ask patients and how to properly communicate concerns and suspicions with fellow hospital staff. An impressive 40 % stated their hospital lacks required eye-protection gear like encounter shields, side or goggles shields. Another 38 % said their facility had an insufficient quantity of fluid-resistant/impermeable gowns within their hospital.Since USAID and UNICEF launched an attempt to combat kid mortality twenty years ago, ‘the American people, through USAID, have committed $6 billion in support of child survival applications in a lot more than 80 countries,’ relating to a USAID release. Gloria Steele, the agency’s acting associate administrator, said that People in america ‘can be proud that tens of an incredible number of kids are alive and healthful because their tax dollars were wisely and compassionately utilized overseas.’ She added, ‘The task now is to build on these successes to save lots of the remaining an incredible number of kids who are dying needlessly’ .