960 White Americans and 368 Black Americans with objectively diagnosed venous thromboembolism.

Compared to Whites, Black – Americans appear to have a higher risk and incidence of VTE have. Two single nucleotide polymorphisms , Factor V Leiden and prothrombin were identified as risk factors for DVT and PE in Europeans and White Americans, not black Americans. VTE appears frequently to be in Blacks than Whites, but while we have identified many inherited causes for VTE in Whites, no such inherited causes were identified in Blacks, said lead researcher Professor John awareness, of the Mayo Clinic College ,, Minnesota, We wondered whether Blacks have more VTE joint demands cause, VTE, such as major surgery, hospitalization for acute medical illness, fracture, or birth control pills can were used to take account of VTE is more common in blacks, but to be the case to be the case , we now have the question of whether blacks have some yet unidentified inherited cause for VTE.

‘Given the poor survival rates after PE, our finding of an increased prevalence of PE among Blacks is disturbing, especially if them with previous reports of increased complications after VTE and higher coupled PE mortality rate among blacks, ‘added awareness... Alnylam Pharmaceuticals , a leading RNAi therapeutic, today announced that that his its Investigational New Drug use to ALN – VSP was by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration been deleted to begin enrolling patients. ALN – VSP, an RNAi agent treatment for from liver cancer including hepatocellular carcinoma and other solid tumors with liver involvement, containing two small interfering RNAs in one in a lipid nanoparticles through Tekmira Pharmaceuticals Corporation formulated. ALN – SFPS should aim two genes critical to grow and the development of cancer: kinesin spindle protein or KSP, required to tumor proliferation and vascular endothelial growth factor, or VEGF, the tumor growth is required.

About RNA Interference RNAi is one revolution in biology, a biopharmaceutical company developing on understanding how genes are turned and switched in the cells, and a completely new approach to drug research and development Its discovery was called of a great scientific breakthrough that happen again every decade Either way, and represents one of the promising and rapid pace of limitations of biology and drug discovery present which was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine has been announced. RNAi is a natural process gene silencing that occurs in organisms ranging from plant to mammals. By harnessing the natural organic process of RNAi inside our cells, is to create a large new class of medicines, announced how RNAi, on the horizon.