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Images of the within of the intestine can be acquired even today: The patient swallows a camera that’s no bigger than a candy. It creates its way through the intestine and transmits pictures of the intestinal villi to an exterior receiver which the patient keeps on a belt. This device stores the data so that the physician can analyze them and identify any hemorrhages or cysts later. However, the camera is not very ideal for examinations of the esophagus and the stomach. The reason is that camera only takes around three or four seconds to make its way through the esophagus – producing two to four pictures per second – and once it reaches the belly, its roughly five-gram excess weight causes it to drop very quickly to the low wall of the abdomen.If you’re likely to buy Botox on-line, you might want to know what it exactly is and whether it offers some side-effects. * What is Botox? Botox is only a drug that’s prepared from a substance called Botulin. It is used to take care of certain muscular conditions. Cosmetically, it really is used to get rid of wrinkles by paralyzing the muscle tissues of the true face, temporarily. If you are going to buy Botox online, make sure that you understand that there are many side-effects of this product, unless you are deciding on natural Botox.