Access enters $30M source contract for MuGard with RHEI Gain access to Pharmaceuticals.

This fresh application is likely to provide extra IP protection and also the potential for a fresh indication for MuGard. Related StoriesNew findings reveal association between colorectal malignancy and melanoma drug treatmentNew RNA test of blood platelets may be used to detect location of cancerViralytics enters into scientific trial collaboration agreement with MSD’We are worked up about the new romantic relationship with Jian An in China, as it significantly expands our reach through the entire region with significant sales representative presence,’ said Sven de Backer, CFO of RHEI Pharmaceuticals. He continued, ‘We believe Jian An’s local knowledge will expedite the ongoing advertising approval process permitting us to begin providing patients with a highly effective treatment for oral mucositis.’ ‘We anticipate working with Access and RHEI and getting MuGard to advertise in China,’ said Zhan Zhangyi, CEO of Jian An Pharmaceuticals.’ ‘Oral mucositis is a growing problem in the greater China area and we are confident that RHEI’s marketing capabilities, with the addition of Jain An’s founded product-promotion experience, will greatly enhance our work to provide MuGard to the many patients that may otherwise suffer from the debilitating side effect of anticancer treatments,’ stated Jeffrey Davis, CEO of Access Pharmaceuticals, Inc.’..Professor Clemmensen said: ‘Getting a link of the ESC offers increased our visibility within the ESC and beyond and we wish that this will boost attendance at the Congress in Istanbul.’ Professor Gorenek concluded: ‘Istanbul may be the cultural and finance capital of Turkey. With a human population of more than 11 million, it really is a distinctive city that connects the two continents of Europe and Asia.’.

A tumor marker Ca 19-9 in diabetics can lead to misdiagnosis of pancreatic cancer Diabetes is increasing all over the world along with the increase of obesity and associated diseases and is a well-known risk element for pancreatic cancers. The incidence of pancreatic tumor can be increasing and has one of the lowest survival prices of most cancers. CA 19-9 is a tumor-linked antigen which is usually elevated in pancreatic cancers, cancers of the higher gastrointestinal tract, ovarian cancer, hepatocellular cancer, colorectal tumor, inflammatory conditions of the hepatobiliary system, and in thyroid diseases.