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Acute treatment: studies not really conclusive Lurasidone in the severe treatment was investigated in three comparative research and weighed against risperidone, quetiapine or olanzapine XR. Nevertheless, the dosages of lurasidone and of the appropriate comparator therapies in the research deviated from the guideline and the respective Summary of Product Characteristics. It really is uncertain whether this resulted in a potential over – or underestimation of effects. Therefore there are doubts about the suitability of the studies for the power assessment. Related StoriesNew analysis finds illogical thoughts because so many predictive of schizophrenia riskResearchers match specific schizophrenia symptoms to features of the human brain's anatomyNew initiative aims to collect samples from schizophrenia individuals across the globeThe drug manufacturer based its conclusions on the added good thing about lurasidone for acute treatment solely on a reduction of side effects.In addition to this, we, from the beginning of such possibility of an attack of acne, begin taking care of the skin we have and adopt the preventive measures as well. Apart from the dirt and pollution, our regular food practices and life-style are also in charge of acne trouble. It is perhaps the most common skin problem for all your teenagers and some middle aged as well. However, the general consciousness relating to the same can save us from the strike of acne into the skin we have. To avoid the pimples from breaking out, you can follow some ideas to check it. First, it is very important that you consume at least three liters of water everyday.