Action video games improve real-world vision Video gaming that involve high levels of action.

But we’ve discovered that action video gaming train the mind to process the prevailing visual information more efficiently, and the improvements last for a few months after action stopped. The selecting builds on Bavelier’s past function which has shown that actions video games decrease visual crowding and increases visible attention. Comparison sensitivity, she says, may be the primary limiting factor in how well an individual can see.Nutrient malabsorption Relating to nutritionist Inez d’Arcy-Francis, Ph.D., dependence on food, drugs, or alcohol beings because of the malabsorption of nutrients. The first factor is trauma to the physical body that is due to undigested food particles. The undigested food particles become toxins after they go through the intestinal wall structure to find yourself in the bloodstream and for that reason could cause many problems in the body. The liver becomes overwhelmed, the immune system becomes overactive, and chronic allergy symptoms are set in place. Furthermore, this causes blood sugar levels to drop and creates food craving.