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It may be cost-effective for employers to screen workers for ADHD and provide treatment, the researchers suggest. There were a lot more people than the majority of us who have done these research had expected, that were suffering from adult ADHD, said Dr. Ronald C. Kessler of Harvard University, a co-author of the survey. People don’t arrive for treatment because of this. It’s kind of one of those hidden stuff, he stated in a telephone interview.Statistical Analysis Analyses of baseline features included all randomly assigned individuals. Efficacy analyses included sufferers who received at least one dose of the study medication and experienced at least one postbaseline efficacy assessment. Safety analyses were conducted on data from all patients who have received the scholarly research drug. Missing data for the primary end point at 12 weeks were imputed through the last-observation-carried-forward technique, whereby missing data points are replaced by the last obtainable observation; in a separate analysis, missing data were imputed with the use of nonresponse imputation, where patients who discontinued early, regardless of the status of response at the time of discontinuation, or who had a missing value at any time point had data imputed as a non-response in those days point.