Advitech completes UVA tests study on oleosome sunscreen formulation Advitech Inc.

Suncare items that are intended to prevent sunburn or the short-term effects of sun exposure tend to focus on UVB, high SPF values are desired therefore. However, protecting your skin against UVA light similarly is, if not more important, as it is in charge of premature aging. UVA protection in sunscreen-focused products is critical and is now increasingly important as sun protection actives are put into various daily wear products such as epidermis lighteners, exfoliants, and moisturizers. Results of the prior UVB and just-finished UVA tests demonstrate the power of Hydresia oleosome technology to enhance both SPF and UVA-PA ratings of sunscreen item formulations. Dr. Jack Guth, Vice President R&D, notes that the multi-functionality and aesthetic great things about Hydresia oleosome technology permits its use not only in sunscreen products but also in an array of daily wear products requiring various degrees of sun protection ..‘Cindy often puts others initial before herself. I’ve never met someone therefore passionate about giving back again to her community and helping those people who are in want.’ Excellent PA of the entire year is one of five PAragon Awards offered annually by AAPA to identify members who’ve demonstrated distinguished services to patients, the grouped community and the profession. Other awards include the Federal Program PA of the entire year Award, Humanitarian PA of the entire year, PA Provider to the Underserved Award, Physician-PA Partnership Award and three Publishing Awards.

Alize Pharma initiates AZP-531 Phase I clinical trial for treatment of type 2 diabetes The Medicine and Healthcare Regulatory Authority has granted authorization to conduct a trial in the UK on AZP-531 in healthy volunteers, obese subjects and diabetics Alize Pharma, a company specialized in the development of medications for the treatment of metabolic illnesses and rare diseases, announces today the start of the first Phase I clinical trial for AZP-531, its unacylated ghrelin analog, in type 2 diabetes.