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Total deaths from COPD are projected to improve by more than 30 percent within the next a decade without interventions to cut risks, contact with tobacco smoke particularly. In individuals with COPD the airways in the lung area shed their elasticity typically, produce excess mucus and become inflamed and thick, limiting the passing of air. The most typical symptoms of COPD are breathlessness , abnormal sputum , and a chronic cough. Daily activities, such as walking up a short air travel of stairs or having a suitcase, may become very difficult as the condition gradually worsens.Stretch out the hands out of you that’s parallel to the ground and having your shoulders pressed down and away from your head; and you must keep your chest muscles strong and firm in that position. One way to believe of engaging in this pose can be to imagine that you are sitting in an invisible chair leaning back again to bring the spine and shoulders against the back of the seat. The arm muscle groups are contracted, the belly is held tight as well as your breathing should be normal. Contain the pose for 20 seconds.