Another demo application was developed during HearMeFeelMe project.

This enables, for nurses and carers to remind patients of the planned doses of medicine or meetings. However, most the memory as a message on his phone and responds with an NFC recognition, eg by touching the tablet dispenser with the phone to the nurse or family member, that the medication was taken informed.. Another demo application was developed during HearMeFeelMe project, completed at the end of 2014. This was the so speaking medicine packaging. After contact, the spoken dosage instructions and other important information. The data was stored on the NFC chip by pharmacy staff and could be heard by the user at home. The demo version for the PC for the PC, but the application was designed to run on programmable smartphones equipped with an NFC reader and a barcode scanner.

Mobile devices usually are unbeatable when the everyday the daily IT-based services, as they always flexible in the hand and the threshold for the use is low in all age groups. Solutions for devices that already developed part of everyday life, quickly quickly.

The Association is very grateful for the assistance provided by the BMA committees and many outside experts and organizations provided. We would particularly like to Professor John Professor John Tooke , Professor Andrew Morris and Professor Ray Newton .Your results will appear in the 24th December edition of Molecular Cell.. Image of that Every cell inheriting Generated from its parents as well epigenetic information – protein to leukemia ‘bookmarks’ highly active genes during cell Linked what ‘words, ‘to a manual which genes the genes that are and when and in which layer. Cold Spring Harbour Laboratory researchers Chris Vakoc, and his team have have found out how some of epigenetic instructions to get stability by a generation of cells for the next broadcast. – The scientists report to newly formed cells need to know more of which genes in order be highly active inheriting immediately due a helping protein which ‘bookmarks ‘those genes during division the parental cell.

Vakoc the Team, however, was surprised that connected contrary to other chromosomes-linked molecules that remains MLL protein genome-wide genome-wide investigations that MLL the chromosome bonding sites before and during pitch compared. The first comparison of their kind – gave a the second turn.

During the division the researchers found, MLL deserted some of genes that will tied behind tied. Instead, for the duration in mitosis, MLL moved a new set genes. This kit, the team discovered makes all the genes Gerd A. Very active before the partition initiated a blackout all the gene activity of.