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Time-dependent Cox regression analysis showed a positive romantic relationship between progression-free of charge survival and the cumulative dose of either melphalan or lenalidomide , indicating an effect of treatment tolerance on efficacy. Discussion This phase 3 study showed that MPR-R, a three-drug induction regimen followed by lenalidomide maintenance, was more effective than MPR or MP with placebo maintenance and was connected with a lower life expectancy rate of progression by 51 percent and 60 percent, respectively, in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma who were ineligible for transplantation.Say whether you are interested in laser treatment clinic or therapy of hair transplant in Pune, you have to consider every decision carefully. Look for the skin doctor or the clinic which has got good popularity on the market and is well known for providing results. Some clinics that you may come across can provide to be fake. However, to find the reliable and trustworthy clinic, it is usually easier to have a term with experienced doctor for further guidance.. A2bAR receptor plays a substantial role in regulation of type 2 obesity and diabetes A recent study led by Boston University School of Medicine demonstrates that the A2b-type adenosine receptor, A2bAR, has a significant function in the regulation of high fat, raised chlesterol diet-induced symptoms of type 2 diabetes.