But among the 134 of 503 people in the study who reported the Help for depression.

But among the 134 of 503 people in the study who reported the Help for depression, the risk of Alzheimer’s disease was 2.5 times higher than for those who were not depressed.

A related theory that depression shrinks the hippocampus and amygdala and paves the way for Alzheimer’s was not of a Dutch study on Monday in Neurology, a journal of the American Academy of Neurology published support.

Each reaching their 70s and 80s might have some physical manifestations of Alzheimer’s in their aging brains, Wilson said, but not all develop mind steal symptoms. Our thinking is that depression somehow damaged part of the brain, the limbic system, and this is the part of the brain that Alzheimer ‘s disease preferentially attacks, Wilson said. Some people die with lots of plaques and tangles, but they have no dementia Some people die with few plaques and tangles and they have dementia, this has long been known that plaques and tangles are not the whole story on the other things.PENN Medicine is a $ 2700000000 company that has of the related tasks medical education, biomedical research, and high-quality patient care. PENN medical consisting of the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and the University of Pennsylvania Health System.

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