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Patient Characteristics and Treatments Key clinical characteristics of the sufferers who underwent randomization are shown in Table 1Table 1Features of the Intention-to-Treat Human population at Baseline. The median age group was 73 years , and 39.7 percent of the patients were women. The individuals had substantial rates of coexisting illnesses: 90.5 percent had hypertension, 62.5 percent had heart failure, and 40.0 percent had diabetes; 54.8 percent of the patients had had a prior stroke, systemic embolism, or transient ischemic attack. The imply and median CHADS2 ratings were 3.5 and 3.0, respectively. Data on medication make use of at baseline are provided in Desk 1 in the Supplementary Appendix. Previous use of supplement K antagonists was reported by 62.4 percent of sufferers.In Arizona, overall admissions for asthma also have fallen because the implementation of limitations on smoking in public areas, with the best reductions observed in counties that had no preexisting partial bans.16 The Arizona study also included adults who were protected from workplace exposure after the legislation. Before implementation of the Scottish legislation, there was concern that it may bring about the transfer of smoking activity to homes, leading paradoxically to a rise in contact with environmental tobacco smoke among children. Studies of publicity among both children4 and adults17 have shown no proof displacement of cigarette smoking to the home; rather, the legislation offers been followed by an increase in voluntary restrictions in the home.12 Household smoking limitations reduce the exposure of children to environmental tobacco smoke, irrespective of whether their own parents smoke cigarettes.18 Hence, the overall exposure of children to environmental tobacco smoke cigarettes, measured objectively by using salivary cotinine concentrations, has fallen because the execution of the Scottish legislation.4 There is substantial proof an association between exposure to environmental tobacco smoke and the risk of asthma.