Duncan Macrae.

Adverse Occasions and Serious Adverse Occasions A total of 135 patients had at least one episode of hypoglycemia; 61 of the had one or more severe episodes . Hypoglycemia occurred in 33 of the 799 sufferers who didn’t receive insulin and in 102 of the 570 individuals who did receive insulin. The proportion of individuals with hypoglycemia was better in the tight-glycemic-control group than in the conventional-glycemic-control group . Of the 135 individuals who had at least one episode of hypoglycemia, 8 experienced a seizure on a single day; all 8 had been in the tight-glycemic-control group.Health investigators said they will spend the next few days talking to school nurses and looking for possible additional situations in hospitals. The school closings affected students in three communities south of Providence: 11,500 in Warwick; 6,000 in Coventry; and 4,000 in West Warwick. The three communities have had an high incidence of pneumonia unusually, Gifford said. At a day news meeting, Gov. Don Carcieri urged citizens to practice great hygiene, such as hand-washing, to greatly help stop the pass on of any illness and said he would require hands sanitizing gels in institutions.