Food and Drug Administration for its brand-new FreeStyle Lite blood glucose test strips.

The brand new test strips also offer all the same benefits FreeStyle Lite users attended to anticipate, specifically: no-coding needed, the world’s smallest blood sample size and practically pain-free testing. The first shipments of new FreeStyle Lite test strips shall ship to U.S. In July customers. Of August 2010 Retailers and consumers can get widespread availability by the end. FDA clearance comes after Abbott’s latest announcement of European availability of the new FreeStyle Lite test strips. The brand new FreeStyle Lite check strips can be found in 14 European countries.The Hill: Pro-Abortion-Privileges Leaders Will Speak At Democratic Convention Democrats on Wednesday announced a new slate of female loudspeakers for their convention, including leaders from Planned NARAL and Parenthood Pro-Choice America. Sandra Fluke, regulations student propelled into the spotlight by the Obama administration’s contraception mandate, can be scheduled to speak also. The newly announced speakers are another reminder of how Democrats will work to win over women – aggressively; particularly educated women -; in 2012. The ongoing party has renewed that push in light of Rep.