Fresh evidence reveals.

AIDS has killed a lot more than 25 million people because it was first recognized in 1981, based on the Joint United Nations Program on HIV and Helps. In 2005, an estimated 4.1 million were infected with the virus newly. While infections with related strains of ‘simian immunodeficiency virus’ is likewise rampant among many species of monkeys, naturally infected nonhuman primates usually don’t suffer the symptoms connected with AIDS. The data now revealed by an international team of researchers is the first to give an explanation for this striking difference. The group found that a viral proteins earlier proven to help the virus evade the immune system, thereby allowing the SIVs that infect monkeys to persist and multiply with high efficiency, has a protective role in the host disease fighting capability also.Only 7,000 of them responded, and the researchers used the info to screen for alcoholic beverages abuse or dependence. What did they find? About 15 % of surgeons who responded experienced scores that indicated an alcohol problem. Further evaluation showed almost 14 % of male surgeons and 26 % of female surgeons. Based on the scholarly study authors, the alcohol abuse rates among surgeons are greater than those of the overall population.