Headaches Are Common in Kids.

Headaches Are Common in Kids, Teens: – FRIDAY, Aug. 14, 2015 – – A number of things can trigger headaches in children and teens, a pediatrician says. About 10 % of school-aged children and up to 27 % of teens have headaches every once in awhile, according to Dr more . Nick DeBlasio, a pediatrician in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center’s Pediatric Main Care Clinic. One of the leading causes of headaches in kids and teens is not drinking enough fluids, when youngsters are active outside during the sunshine especially. The cure in this instance might be as basic as having your child drink more water. Missing a meal may also trigger a headache. Parents must make sure their children consume a well-balanced diet plan with plenty of fruits and vegetables.

‘However, we believe that patients ought to be advised that there is very limited evidence for its use, the ideal duration of treatment has not been assessed in a clinical trial, and its own place in the management of IBS is not fully established,’ wrote Dr. James Cave, editor-in-chief of Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin. The review did find some evidence that patients believe the diet reduces some IBS symptoms. And, one study indicated that the dietary plan alters the bacteria populace in the digestive system, but the implications and long-term ramifications of that are unclear, the experts said. Overall, statements that the low FODMAP diet helps control IBS symptoms are ‘based on a few fairly small, short-term single-blinded or unblinded controlled trials of varying duration,’ wrote Cave.