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Recipients of all four awards will present lectures in AAA’s Young Investigator Awards Symposium, for Sunday scheduled, April 22, 5-7 p.m., at the AAA Annual Achieving/EB 2012 in NORTH PARK. Julian A. Guttman, an associate professor in the Division of Biological Sciences at Simon Fraser University, will receive AAA’s 2012 Morphological Sciences Award and present an award lecture on Knocking E. Coli Off of Their Pedestals: Understanding the Strategies Microbes Exploit to create Morphological Structure during their Disease Procedures at the AAA Annual Getting together with during EB 2012.In addition, the combined wisdom of the group can sometimes help quickly shed light on points that may possess escaped an individual specialist. Point #2. Misleading info can simply spread and cause complications It is true that the info online can travel and pass on very fast. However, the likelihood of misleading content being flagged and great content surviving increases as more folks participate. It’s the collective wisdom in bytes and bits. A survey by the Pew Internet & American Life Task in Washington about social media in Healthcare found that just 3 percent of respondents thought they or someone they knew was in some way harmed by online information. Point #3. People may delay visiting a doctor This can be an inverse issue, because as people gain better access to health – related information they also become able to quickly check and recognize the symptoms of an illness early on, instead of waiting until they obtain acute to see a medical expert Overall, while some wish to keep Wellness a ‘black container’, helping people find info and join conversations about medical issues that matter to them should be welcomed as a positive change.