In a pilot clinical trial at a Beijing hospital in 2007.

In a pilot clinical trial at a Beijing hospital in 2007, 28 of 30 patients dramatic gains showed a 10 – day course of treatment, Lu said.’begin After Training they use both eyes Some people have to 20/20 by clinical standards, they are completely normal to are not amblyopes more. ‘.

Funding for the research came from the Chinese National Natural Science Foundation and the U.S. National Eye Institute.OVER amblyopiaAmblyopia affects about 3 % of the population and with glasses with glasses. People with this disorder suffer from a range of symptoms: poor vision in one eye, poor perception of depth, difficulty seeing three-dimensional objects and movements poor sensitivity.20 percent of 2006 At ASCO 2006 ASCO into joint venture Oral Presentation: Testicular – Drei abstracts were presented in this session with a focus to imaging in the management of testicular germ cell tumors.

Four hundred fourteen patients were randomized to receive thoracic and tummy CT scanning on 3 to 12 months versus 3, 24 months. The primary endpoint for to the study was the proportion the patients in each group that an intermediate or an intermediate or bad prognosis germ cell cancer were mixed with the international classification. 247 patients randomized to receive 2 CT scans and 167 patients up to 5 CT scans. Comparison 37 of 247 patients in group CT final relapse and 33 of 167 hotels in group 5 CT. FDG PET with a medium risk illness, 2 in the two CT arms the in the 5 CT a difference of 0.6 percent 90 percent CI-1.2) relapse. No deaths were reported in this study. Authors concluded that authors concluded that of the schedule are 2 CT scans was as a new standard .