In study reported at the 64th American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting

AHNPs might serve seeing that effective treatment for epilepsy and other disorders with altered neuronal circuitry Epilepsy research is reaching beyond improving the opportinity for quelling symptoms to the exploration of potential modalities for correcting or reversing alterations in neural function that underlay some types of the disorder. In study reported at the 64th American Epilepsy Society Annual Meeting, investigators at the University of Florida possess demonstrated that adult human neuronal progenitor cells generate useful neurons that integrate into sponsor neuronal networks in the cerebral cortex . The extensive research group, led by Dr. Steven Roper, the Edward Shedd Wells Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Florida, attained neuronal progenitors from human brain cells removed in the medical procedures of a 13-year-old woman with temporal lobe epilepsy.

We were concerned that the FDA didn’t adhere to our FOIA requests and as a complete result, we filed a legal action late last September after repeated failed attempts to get any answers from the FDA. Through that action, we hoped to look for the extent of collusion also, if any, between Gilead and the FDA with regard to this potential expanded use for Truvada. Provides submitted an Investigational New Drug application and/or a New Drug Software and/or a request for a new use or indication for the usage of the medication Truvada as a means of ‘pre-publicity prophylaxis’ to prevent transmission of Human Immunodeficiency Virus .’ AHF Freedom of Information Demand 3/31/2011 ‘.