It is now evident that although treatment with the cocktail of medicines kills the virus.

The extensive research group is headed by Dr. Rivka Abulafia-Lapid and assisted by Yael Keren-Zur, at the Human being Biology Research Middle directed by Prof. Henri Atlan, linked to the Section of Biophysics and Nuclear Medicine, Ein Karem, Jerusalem. This study was completed in collaboration with Prof. Zvi Bentwich, Prof. Irun Cohen from the Weizmann Institute of Research. As HIV attacks and destroys CD4 cells, the weakened immune system becomes less able to fight disease and infection. HIV can also cause AIDS, the last and most serious stage of HIV infections. The Hadassah research was conducted between 1998 and 2002 with an additional two-year monitoring period. Seven individuals participated in the analysis; five of the seven patients responded to the vaccine produced by this research group positively.Further, 53 percent of patients with CKD at baseline demonstrated improvement. Among the 9 individuals who showed improvement, 8 had stage 1-2 CKD at baseline and one had stage 3-5 at baseline. Soliris treatment continued to appear to be secure and well-tolerated in treated patients during the initial 26-weeks of the extension study. Four patients experienced 9 serious adverse occasions ; one patient experienced 4 SAEs that were reported as or perhaps related to probably the drug. Most adverse events were gentle in severity.