It starts as tartar and plaque deposits on the teeth.

Gums can be recessed and teeth can look longer due to the dislocation/separation of the gums from your body of the teeth. The next step is that active bacteria attached to gums and teeth will advance to the bone framework of the jaw and will attack the bone, destroying it slowly. Another manifestation of the periodontal disease may be the development of pus pockets next to one’s teeth roots which sometimes can turn into painful and dangerous abscesses which can just end up being treated with antibiotics and implemented up by surgery. Periodontal disease could advance as much as having to face the situation of loosing some or all your teeth and having to resort, sometime young to dentures or false teeth.For healthy women who under no circumstances smoked, the approximated hazard ratios were 1.13 for those who were overweight , 1.44 for those in obesity class We , 1.88 for those in obesity course II , and 2.51 for all those in obesity class III . Hazard ratios were broadly comparable for men except they were higher for obesity classes III and II. Directly after we had excluded participants who smoked and the ones with cancer or heart disease, the further exclusion of those with emphysema or stroke didn’t materially alter the associations between BMI and the rate of death .