Loss of life has reignited a national conversation about mental health issues and treatment.

Though we don't yet know the exact circumstances of Williams's death, we can say for certain that he long battled addictions to alcohol and cocaine and, according to his publicist, was fighting ‘severe unhappiness.’ But unlike many people, Williams had the assets and the inspiration to get treatment, at least for his addictions. Relating to this report, he previously undergone rehab at the famed Hazelden Addiction Treatment Center in Minnesota two months ago, and had sought treatment in 2006 when he began drinking after twenty years of sobriety again.We have shown that it’s possible to reduce the dose of radiation to the area, while treating the rest of the brain, where in fact the cancer is situated, at full dosage, stated Dr. Arnold Herskovic, principal investigator of the scholarly study. The feasibility study was done utilizing a TomoTherapy Hi-Art System, which enables the treatment of tumors with image-guided radiation therapy. The researchers be prepared to start a medical trial of the brand new procedure quickly to determine whether in fact it could both prevent or deal with brain metastases and reduce long-term neurocognitive consequences..