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Presence or absence of hypertensive treatment was put into the models. Hazard ratios had been generated for each independent adjustable in each one of the two models.23 1st, we stratified individuals into among three risk categories based on their Framingham risk rating for general cardiovascular disease : low risk , intermediate risk , or risky .23 The web reclassification index also accounts for movement between categories in the opposite direction than predicted and applies differing weights to events and nonevents.5 mm, was used as a predictor variable and examined how the presence of plaque affected the prediction of events within the Framingham risk score categories, using log-rank statistics across all strata.Irregular protein accumulation in the mind might trigger onset, severity of Parkinson’s Injection of a small amount of clumped protein triggers a cascade of events leading to a Parkinson’s-want disease in mice, according to articles published online this week in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. Progressive accumulation of clumps of the protein alpha-synuclein in the brains of patients with Parkinson’s disease coincides with the onset of motor dysfunction. Nevertheless, whether these clumps are adequate to result in neurodegeneration, and how these clumps spread throughout the human brain, remained unclear.