Managing Wounds as a Team.

Read the joint worldwide paper in the Journal of Wound Treatment.. AAWC partners with EWMA and AWMA to build up unprecedented guidance document The Association for the Advancement of Wound Treatment is pleased to have partnered with the European Wound Administration Association and the Australian Wound Administration Association to develop an unprecedented guidance record entitled, Managing Wounds as a Team. AAWC is incredibly pleased to have worked with EWMA and AWMA to create a patient-centered collaboratively, multidisciplinary record for all healthcare professionals that seeks to shift the paradigm concerning how practitioners approach patient care, specifically wound healing.While this [risk stratification] approach is frequently advocated in patients without diabetes mellitus, there is an implicit assumption that individuals with diabetes mellitus are in equally high risk, requiring all individuals to end up being treated aggressively. Justin W. Timbie, Ph.D., of RAND Corp., Arlington, Va., and co-workers built a mathematical model to assess whether intense treatment would equally benefit all sufferers with diabetes. They started with data from 30 – to 75-year-old participants in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, which offered representative estimates for the almost 8 million individuals with diabetes in the 1990s.