Reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry magazine.

Chemistry & Industry:.. A DNA fingerprinting technology allows files to be authenticated with an accuracy of billions to 1 The commercial release of the first ever fool-proof document security system is planned for 2006, reports Marina Murphy in Chemistry & Industry magazine. The operational system, which uses DNA fingerprinting, will allow documents to become authenticated with an precision of billions to one against duplication, according to the Australian scientists focusing on the system.The disadvantage of this method is that it’s a slow process which has to be stopped periodically. However, modern directional drilling technology enable horizontal drilling or sub horizontal wells. These wells have more surface area than vertical wells and ensure an increased productivity hence. The latest oil drilling methods have managed to get possible to reach out to essential oil pockets that are many miles away from the drilling site. This also really helps to tap the a lot of the oil reserves from also those locations that are populated or environmentally sensitive. In most of the wells, the natural pressure of the subsurface reservoir can be plenty of for the oil to circulation out to the top.