The American Center Association just released the strictest suggestions ever for added sugars.

The American Center Association just released the strictest suggestions ever for added sugars, recommending Us citizens limit their diet to 100 calories for ladies and 150 calorie consumption for males every day. To combat dangers of obesity and coronary disease the AHA recommends Americans strictly limit their intake of added sugars with a diet plan that incorporates fruits, vegetables, whole grains, low-fat dairy, lean proteins and healthy amounts of mono-and-poly unsaturated fat. PistachioHealth , average added sugars intake for People in america was 355 calories a rise of almost 20 % in just three decades. Several research from the AHA have linked high levels of sugars intake, to insulin resistance, hypertension, high triglycerides and type II diabetes. The bottom line: There is sufficient evidence to link excessive sugar intake to obesity and cardiovascular disease..After Bernard Sanberg died of a stroke in 1999, the award bearing his name was established and is provided by the ASNTR each year to an individual who has made excellent research contributions in the field of neural therapy and restoration. The award, first presented in 2000, is definitely presented each year at ASNTR’s Annual Meeting. ‘Professor Collier is a leader in neuro-scientific cellular repair for Parkinson’s disease for over 25 years and consistently has taken new ideas forwards on how to stimulate development and survival of neurons that are crucial for maintenance of proper brain function,’ stated John Sladek, PhD, director for Outreach and Development, Center for Neuroscience, and professor of Neurology, Neuroscience and Pediatrics in the University of Colorado School of Medicine.