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You and Dr. Fahey have long understood that malignant and benign cells have different genetic patterns or signatures , the clear distinction between. Unfortunately, researchers have only able Fabric for a test or a few genes at the same time – is impractical slowing research and producing gene-based diagnosis. – The advent of much faster microarray genetic analysis has changed everything, says Fahey.

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Co – researchers include Dr. Theresa Scognamiglio, Stacy K. Biaxin Zhu and Yao – Tseng Chen – all NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital / Weill Cornell Medical Center in New York City, Jacob Kazam of Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ.Screening for prostate cancer being common in most part of the world, but professionals further debate whether their perceived food – protecting advantages over-diagnosis and avoid unnecessary treating are outweighed.. Further research necessary in order continue inform programs developing.

In 1996 were screening for prostate cancer reduce number of fatalitiesscreening of male of prostate appears to be no appreciable effect on prostate cancer mortality who, Sweden in the BMJ in the BMJ .

Of informed consent are involved into of male circumcision usually small, but can be serious if circumcision done under unsanitary setting poorly trained providers and with insufficient instruments. Everywhere male circumcision services are available, will therefore, training and certification of providers and careful monitoring and evaluating programs may be required ensure goals and that goals, and that quality services is assured in the sanitary settings provided for with the necessary equipment and to appropriate counseling and other services.. Healthcare of many developing countries are weak and there is a lack of skilled healthcare professionals. There is therefore a need make sure that male circumcision service to HIV prevention not be unreasonably interfere with other health programs including other HIV / AIDS interventions.