The deal is subject to standard closing conditions.

That is why we anticipate that the earn-out part of the purchase may generate significant returns for AMS over another few years,’ said AMS Chief and Chairman Executive Officer Ernest A. Bates, M.D.. AMS agrees to market Gamma Knife and radiation therapy providers business in Turkey to Euromedic AMERICAN SHARED HOSPITAL SERVICES , a leading provider of turnkey technology solutions for advanced radiosurgical and radiation therapy services, announced today that it has entered into an agreement to market its Gamma Knife and radiation therapy services business in Turkey to Euromedic Cancers CENTERS BV . The deal is subject to standard closing conditions, on June 10 and is usually expected to close, 2014.Shea. ‘These vehicles can produce significant accidents in youthful riders, and we look after many in our community. Nationwide, there is usually a good rise in amputations and death from the use of these powerful vehicles.’ Trends in ATV-related Spine Injuries in Kids in the U.S. 1997-2006 Jeffrey R. Sawyer, MD, chief of pediatric orthopaedic trauma at Campbell Clinic-LeBonheur INFIRMARY in Memphis viewed 4,483 children in the U.S. Who were injured in an ATV-related incident over an interval of many years. Of those children, 332 or 7.4 % had a backbone injury. This shows a 140 % increase in children injured, and a 368 % upsurge in the number of spinal accidental injuries from 1997.