The generic name of this medication is brimonidine tartrate.

The chemicals that are present in this medicine may get absorbed by the lenses if you are not getting rid of them and these chemical substances will harm the lenses. The dropper of this medicine has to be held perfectly. Make sure that you are not touching the dropper with your hands straight or the dropper isn’t touching any component of your eye. Doing this will contaminate the infections and dropper could be caused to your eye. You can easily buy Alphagan online. It is offered by all online drug stores and also you can buy generic Alphagan or purchase brimonidine over the counter as this medicine is certainly a non prescription medicine... Allergy shots are cost-effective and deliver relief in weeks Allergy shots, an age-aged treatment for allergy sufferers, are getting a shot in the arm from brand-new research. This proven therapy saves cash; accelerated schedules deliver alleviation in weeks, than months rather; and alternative methods are on the horizon, relating to allergists at the annual scientific conference of the American University of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology in Boston, Nov 3-8. ‘For over a hundred years, we have known allergy immunotherapy is definitely highly effective and improves standard of living,’ stated Ira Finegold, MD, ACAAI seat of the Immunotherapy and Diagnostics Committee. ‘Recent research brings immunotherapy to the forefront of patient-centered, cost-effective treatment, furthers our understanding of the immune system and offers promising new delivery alternatives.’ Reducing Costs Allergy immunotherapy is the only treatment obtainable that actually changes the immune system, to be able to prevent the advancement of new asthma and allergic reactions.