The preferred treatment strategy for such patients.

The preferred treatment strategy for such patients. ‘ ‘ ‘Neurocognition in patients with brain metastases with radiosurgery or radiosurgery and whole brain radiotherapy treatment: a randomized controlled trial ‘Eric L Chang, Jeffrey S Wefel, Kenneth R Hess, Pamela K Allen, Frederick F. Lang, David G Kornguth, Rebecca B Arbuckle, J Michael Swint, Almon S Shiu, Moshe H Maor, Christina A Meyers DOI: 10.. You conclude:’This study diagnosed Level 1 evidence for the use of SRS alone in the initial treatment of patients with brain metastases supports new 02:59 We recommend that the first be be combined with close clinical monitoring only.

Results of the largest intervention study for the for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in people with diabetes, patients with fenofibrate -treated had a reduced total cardiovascular events – define a pre-specified secondary endpoint as a composite of cardiovascular death, myocardial infarction , stroke, and cardiac and carotid revascularization – compared to placebo treated patients. Besides the advantage of the findings macrovascular also suggested a beneficial effect of fenofibrate on microvascular complications associated with diabetes, especially kidney and eye disease. Mainly The results of the landmark Fenofibrate Intervention and Event Lowering in Diabetes study were presented today at the annual meeting of the American Heart Association and published online in The Lancet.

FIELD fenofibrate confirmed produced macro – and microvascular benefits in diabetic patients without prior cardiovascular disease, although the primary endpoint is not achieved..Particular ISCD – IOF have conference in Bucharest, Romania is taking place of 11 to 13 November include include scientific lectures, open discussions and discussion. The ultimate objective of the conference is to provide an comprehensive educational document to integrate the healthcare FRA will help developing in their daily practice.

Headed by boards of international experts, to two-day meeting will to allow stimulating discussions and discussions, in form to a modified ISCD in item Development Conference. At the head of the initiative three task forces were formed, development, at to tackle FRA; carry out relevant literature ratings, and developing the preliminary statement. Delegates will be invited to take part, the kind of tools and preliminary conclusions be discussed to the conference before the panel of experts. Informative lunches and dinners symposiums, industrial industry, are also held. About the program and online registration are are available here.