The WHO is also concerned about the increasing quantity of infections among intravenous drug users.

MEDICAL Ministry has projected you will see half a million infected Indonesians by 2010 which could reach 1 million unless there is certainly significant intervention. Raising open public awareness is the next big challenge, as whatever the risks many Indonesians still engage in unsafe sex and drug users share needles because of limited or no access to clean syringes. According to the Health Ministry more than half of the country’s Helps situations are among intravenous drugs users, while a third have got contracted it through heterosexual sexual contact..2. Choose the right fats for your weight gain system: If you want to get yourself a bigger body, than a frame like shape figure rather, then increase the usage of Avocados, Dairy items such as; Milk, Cottage Cheese, Cream etc. Nevertheless, you can stay away from ice creams, fried meals and fatty preserved processed foods. 3. Make your diet chart is rich in protein: Proteins is a foundation of your entire body functions such as; muscles, bones, skin, blood and hair. You must consume foods that are rick in protein. This will bring the proper working of the above stuff. Protein enhanced foods are cheese, milk, fish, meat and eggs.