Then you understand that its rather a very frustrating experience.

7 methods to help alleviate insomnia If you’ve ever had a episode of insomnia or problems falling asleep, then you understand that it’s rather a very frustrating experience. Are seven simple methods to help you fall asleep faster Below . 1. Ensure that you don’t eat anything at least two hours before bed. Because digestion escalates the fire energies of your body and will maintain you awake make sure you’re not eating anything at least two hours prior to retiring for the night time.

7 bogus hangover remedies that NEVER work No matter how many instances we say, ‘I’ll never do this again!’ whenever we imbibe in alcohol a little too much, for most there is, sadly, a the next time. And a next. And each time, people seem to wish to try brand-new and better ways to ease the pain of the unavoidable hangover – – techniques that are rooted in legend, aged wives’ tales and the words of the barroom physician. By the real method, the peak of so-called morning after pain happens at 29 years old, says a recently available study from Denmark. Well, to date, there is no ‘cure’ for the common hangover, though there are several ‘treatments,’ so to speak.