There was no difference between the two approaches with respect to major organ injury Read more.

ARIPI trial: Fresh bloodstream not better for acutely ill premature babies In a finding that runs counter to generally held beliefs about fresh being better, a clinical trial posted today by the Journal of the American Medical Association implies that acutely ill premature babies who received fresher blood did not fare better than those who received the existing standard of care and attention Read more . There was no difference between the two approaches with respect to major organ injury, mortality and infection. Before now, the majority of the literature about them suggested that fresh reddish colored blood cells are better, says lead author Dr. Dean Fergusson, who heads up the Clinical Epidemiology Plan at the Ottawa Medical center Research Institute and is an associate professor at the University of Ottawa.

ARUP plans to utilize the MALDI Biotyper for microbial identifications performed by DNA sequencing currently, and expects to find improvements with time to result, workflow and consumables costs. ARUP is also investigating the use of the MALDI Biotyper to replace phenotypic methods for identification, and programs to collaborate with Bruker to develop additional assessments on the MALDI Biotyper. Sherrie Perkins, MD, PhD, ARUP’s chief medical officer and director of laboratories mentioned: We are excited to have access to this brand-new technology. We hope the gear will improve our microbiology solutions to clients, and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration with Bruker. Dr. Gary Kruppa, Vice President for Business Advancement of Bruker Daltonics stated: We have enjoyed working with ARUP, and we have become pleased they have selected the MALDI Biotyper for make use of both in their study and their routine microbial identification creation facility.