To receive the groups prestigious 2011 Robert K.

I am proud that Bob is receiving this award. Beardsley received the Outstanding Teaching Award for the institution of Pharmacy on three different occasions, and also the Recognition Award from both learning student Authorities Association and the Class of 2005. His enthusiasm for excellence transcends the classroom as he develops innovative curriculum and organizes strategic planning and training retreats for pharmacy instructors. He took energetic parts in two revisions of the School’s PharmD curriculum, and was chosen by AACP as one of four authors to write the White colored Paper on Student Professionalism and to seat the joint APhA ASP-AACP Task Power on Professionalism that revised the Oath of the Pharmacist and developed the Pledge of Professionalism.Updated Analyses The cutoff day for updated analyses of progression-free survival and overall survival was November 30, 2010, after a median follow-up period of 28 a few months and a total of 378 deaths observed. Table 2Table 2Results of Primary and Up to date Analyses of Progression-free Survival and General Survival with Regular Chemotherapy Alone versus Regular Therapy plus Bevacizumab. Displays the total results of the principal and updated analyses for progression-free of charge survival and overall survival. Progression-free Survival A complete of 934 progression-free survival events were reported . Results were very similar to those of the principal analysis, again showing clear evidence of a nonproportional hazard .