Today in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology according to a study published.

However, the relationship between hypertension and general obesity versus site-specific unwanted fat accumulation is usually unclear. For this study, 903 patients enrolled in the Dallas Heart Research were followed for typically seven years to track development of hypertension. Hypertension was categorized as a systolic blood pressure of equal or greater to 140, diastolic blood pressure of greater or equal to 90, or initiation of blood circulation pressure medications. Patients also received imaging of visceral fats, or fat located in the abdominal cavity between the organs deep; subcutaneous fat, or noticeable fat located all around the body; and lower-body fats.This would result in healthier and even more long-lived populations.’ Big Pharma can be an organized crime band pushing deadly, ineffective medicines on the vulnerable The just people who should ever be given psych meds, in Gotzsche’s estimation, are people that have extreme mental circumstances that want acute and carefully monitored treatment that is tapered off as fast as possible – – and also then, patients are highly advised to get other, safer treatment methods when possible. In no way should anybody ever take psych meds long-term, put simply, as these medications are extremely addictive and will cause serious unwanted effects when trying to give up them.